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Script Tactics

Mobile Contact List

Using your mobile contact list, RoboCent can append in the current address for a precint polling location. This allows us to send the specific polling location to a voter which they can simply click on to have their phone’s GPS navigate them to.

Script Tactics

Script Example

Hi! My name is _______ and I’m a volunteer with the _______ campaign! Election Day is coming up and I wanted to make sure you know where to vote. If you still live at _______, then you vote at _______ located at _______.


Not a problem, you can visit enter your address to see where you vote!

Data Management Fees may apply.


Make it Personal

The most effective way to set up your SMS campaign is to approach messaging as a conversation and not merely a one-sided distribution of information. Your campaign is likely to receive better insights when messages address voters in a more casual, personal manner, almost like friends chatting We offer Political Campaign Message and Script Tactics.

Political Campaign Message and Script Tactics

Script Pointers

When drafting your messages, be sure to use:


  • High energy language: “It would be awesome to see you there!” 
  • Direct questions to encourage a response: “Can you make it?” 
  • A casual tone: “A bunch of us…” “Gonna swing by…”
Script Tactics
For more voter interaction, try to:
Save more specific information, like the exact location of an event or ways to get involved, for follow-up messages. This way, the contact must engage to get more information.

  • Hold off on sending event or fundraising links until the contact has committed, then send a follow-up message.
  • Use custom tracking links to maximize and optimize click-through rates. You can use these to track total opens.
  • Avoid sending messages directly as the candidate or other important campaign officials; use volunteer personas instead, as this makes the individual messages seem more genuine and personal.
  • Avoid hard-line, specific asks like “can you donate $25?” Instead, try asking “can I send you some info on how to donate?”

Script Examples

Hi! This is [agent name] with the _______ campaign! Don’t forget that tomorrow is Election Day and _______ is the right choice for you and for Richmond! Please vote for _______ to continue to serve us – he would be honored to have your support.


Hello [contact name], the election for Governor is coming up and _______ needs your help to make it to our midnight fundraising goal. Would you be able to help so we can elect a strong leader for our state? If you’re interested, please donate at _______ [Link to website]

To stay updated on the path of Hurricane Irma, please click [Link to website] for the latest information. For assistance and immediate inquiries, please call [Phone Number]. Thank you and stay safe. – Mayor _______.

Dear [contact name], Happy Birthday! Here’s to a bright, healthy, and exciting future! – Congressman _______. [Picture attached with Birthday Greeting]

To all who wore the uniform and the families that support them, Happy Veterans Day! Thank you for your service and sacrifice. – Senator _______. [YouTube Link to Veterans Day message]

[contact name], we are asking voters in the 9th district which issues are most important to them and would really appreciate your feedback. This will help Congressman _______ know which issues to focus on. Please complete the brief survey located here_______. [Link to Survey]

Free Political Campaign SMS Text Messages

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