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Get Elected With SMS Connect Text Message Marketing.

At RoboCent, we excel in using SMS marketing to create a lasting relationship with your voters.

What is SMS Connect?

SMS Connect is live, peer-to-peer text messaging. RoboCent employs US based agents that will send each individual message through our system. This is what makes SMS Connect so powerful, the ability to contact cell phones without worrying about TCPA, FCC, or Opt-In list requirements. Since there is a live human sending the messages, there are no sending restrictions. It’s no different than having a volunteer phone banking at the campaign headquarters.

SMS Connect

Live Texting Status and Results.

Watch the live results for your text messages as it’s sending! We provide a live portal to display sending status, progress, and any tags that have been assigned.

U.S. Based Agents

All our agents are native English speakers based right here in the United States. We employ local agents to send your texts after going through a detailed training session and practice exercise. You can rest assured knowing that all our agents are experienced in politics and know how to handle responses and tags.

High Capacity & Sending Speeds.

RoboCent has dozens of agents on call to help send your text messages. With enough lead time to work a blast into the schedule, we can send a millions of texts a day.

Beautiful, Easy to Use Dashboard.

The RoboCent backend is the product of several years in the political phone marketing industry. We designed our website to be very easy to use with plenty of powerful features.

24/7 Customer Support Team.

Any questions can be answered 24 hours a day by our support team. Give us a call at 757-821-2121 or send us an email at [email protected].

Free Demo of 500 Texts.

Demo our system before you buy! We will send your first 500 text messages for free! If sending more than 500, we will subtract 500 from the total amount to use as a discount. Contact us today to get started!

Start Your SMS Connect Service Today!

SMS Connect Is Powerful.

SMS campaign to a congressional universe of 100K yielded 12,000 YardSign locations. 13K messages to a Veterans universe accounted for 4,000 video views – a 30% watch rate. 360K messages to Republican super voters in Florida yielded 185,000 website views – a 51% click rate. Monthly birthday messaging to 350 voters per day accounts for 2,500 video views a month

SMS Connect Gets You Voters
SMS Connect a RoboCent Company

Get Elected With SMS Marketing.

Text messaging is the most frequently used app on smartphones, utilized by 97% of Americans at least once a day. Text messages have a 98% open rate with 90% of text messages being read within 3 minutes. Text messages have a 45% response rate with an average response time of 90 seconds.

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“RoboCent’s new platform is incredibly user friendly. Having the option to use the system for multiple campaigns is very helpful. Whether it’s recording the message, uploading a list of contacts, or scheduling a call, the process is seamless and easy to navigate. I highly recommend using RoboCent for any campaign’s voter contact needs.”

Nick C.
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“Really good tool for broad market penetration. The results of the calls come in quick and allow you to measure outcomes.”

Thomas S.
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“I will use this service again and recommend it highly to all my friends running for office!”

John D.
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“If you are looking for a quick, easy, and consistent service that is cost effective, RoboCent is the best choice! This group will take care of you, even on a short notice, like they have me. I like them so much I am looking to partner with them for all of my future campaigns.”

Alex S.