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In one of our very first sms connect blogs, we explained what drip campaigns are, and how different campaigns use them to gain interest and ultimately, voters. Originally used in email format, these pre-scheduled messages are designed to maintain a connection with your contact list without a constant need for your team’s oversight. The idea is fool-proof.

Below, we’ve listed five ways that this idea is fool proof, and exactly how you can enhance this excellent sms connect feature to use to your advantage.

1. Drip Campaigns Will Save You Time

It all starts by inputing your text messages into the sms connect system. First, compose a text message that you’d like to send to your contacts. The possibilities are endless; whether you’d like to educate contacts on your platform, advertise volunteer opportunities, or even just gather data, drip messages will work for any purpose imaginable.

Then, schedule a time that you’d like to send out the message. These times are based on when the voter initially opts in to receive messages from your campaign. All correspondences are based off of this date. You can schedule a message to be sent a day after subscription, 30 days after subscription, three months after subscription, a year after subscription, and so on.

Once you’ve input the message and scheduled the time, sms connect will then do all of the work for you. Instead of having to worry about going in for each contact and manually sending a message, the system presets all of these messages. Opting in triggers the drip campaign, therefore eliminating your need to oversee every little detail of the text campaign.

It’s extremely important to stay engaged with your voter base on every digital and non-digital platform that your team is using. However, it doesn’t have to take up all of your time if you have services that can help. By initiating a drip campaign, each action you wish to take in your political sms marketing plan will fall into place like dominos. You’ve set up the system, and now you’re letting it work for you. This means more time to focus on priorities elsewhere in your campaign, like prepping for a debate or preparing a fundraiser or rally.

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2. Drip Campaigns Increase Engagement

When tending to a plant, you must consistently water it, make sure it has clean air, and expose it to a sufficient amount of sunlight to prosper. The same goes for a text message campaign. Gaining a contact or subscriber is key, but if you don’t do what it takes to make the relationship grow then you might as well stop all efforts to market via sms.

“Drip” campaigns are aptly named because the system is set up for text messages to periodically “drip” into contacts’ phone inboxes. Much like “dripping” water into a plant, dripping text messages to a voter inbox can help increase interest and engagement in your campaign, thus growing voter support. You give them less of an opportunity to forget about your campaign if you continually check up on them.

Drip ensures that you’re cultivating this important engagement over time. Being able to strategically schedule messages throughout time will keep the voter engaged, because you’re consistently making your campaign a presence in their phone and in their life.

Use to your Advantage

There are many ways you can use a drip campaign to increase voter engagement. Your team can remind contacts of upcoming campaign events like rallies or fundraisers. You can even set up an RSVP system for these events using drip, without having to target certain individuals. Sending out messages to your entire contact list to collect RSVPs is much easier than the tedious way you might be doing it now.

You can also prompt conversation from your contact list to educate them on your platform. After the initial opt-in, try scheduling a drip conversation where you give your contacts options to access more information about your campaign via text. That way, they are immediately engaged in a meaningful way. As opposed to just sending in demographic information, they are able to genuinely learn more about your campaign.

Engaging voters is easier than ever using drip campaigns. Just remember to be intentional about how you craft these drip messages. While they are sent out automatically, they’re still in your voice, and it’s still your responsibility to craft messages that will trigger a response. Luckily, SMS Connect is here to help. Check out our blog on campaign language along with some of our script tactics to get started.

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3. You Can Send Them At Optimal Times

The beauty of a drip campaign is in its ability to help you plan smart and plan ahead. Using the proper schedule tactics, for which we offer tips on our website, will ensure that you’re increasing engagement. In the morning, from 8am to 12pm is an excellent time to send messages, along with the early afternoon, from 5pm to 8pm. Scheduling messages subtly around work hours will show a positive response form potential voters. People are either checking their phones for the rest of the day, or they’re checking it as they go into the night.

It’s also important to consider the amount of time in between drip messages, which will make a crucial difference. Sending too many drip messages too often, without much time in between, will ensure a swift block or opt out. Put yourself in the shoes of the voter. If you have entrusted your phone number to a campaign, how would you feel if they took advantage of your trust, and began blowing up your phone? Probably not so good.

You have a responsibility to text with discretion, and being considerate will always gain more support than overkill in the inbox. However you choose to implement a drip campaign, sms connect will give you the capability to do almost anything. But above all, we’ll give you eh knowledge to use it in a way that will yield the best results for you and your campaign.

4. They Work For Any and All Types of Campaigns

Whether you’re running in a national election, a state election, or city council for your small town, sms connect has your back. Drip campaigns work for any type of campaign, and will help you succeed regardless of what race you’re running in. Gathering demographical data at the beginning of your engagement with a contact is crucial, along with understanding your potential constituency as a whole.

Taking this specified information will be key when setting up your drip campaign. Knowing how they will react when seeing a message from your campaign, analyzing what times are the most optimal, and understanding how to interact with your voter base will only improve to already effective use of text message marketing.

If you have a large, national campaign, texting will help you get your message across straight from the source. While it might be a little harder to organize events via text message marketing for a national campaign, you’ll at least be able to educate. With drip messages, you’ll be able to periodically make national announcements surrounding your campaign to ensure premium clarity.

With a small campaign, drip campaigns shine by being able to connect to the community around you. Organize rallies, recruit volunteers, and do so much more using a drip campaign to do it for you. An advanced service like a drip campaign can work for candidates big and small.

The flexibility of drip campaigns is endless. The ability to plan ahead and set up your campaign will save you time, whether you’re running a campaign with a lot of moving parts, or whether you’re running in a small election with a team of just a handful of people. Drip campaigns take a lot off of your plate and a lot of stress out of your mind. All in all, you can’t go wrong with a dip campaign.

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5. SMS Connect Makes Setup Easy

Finally, SMS connect makes setting up drip campaigns a breeze. With a clean interface and intuitive set up, you’ll barely have to spend much time formulating your campaign. Inputting informations such as time, contacts, and the actual messages themselves is a quick and simple process, giving you more time to focus on other things in your campaign that matter.

Want to learn more? Check out our various plans in our “pricing” tab above, choose a plan that looks right for you and your team, and see for yourself how excellent this service is.

Drip campaigns are the new wave of marketing. As a more streamlined way to market via text message, these pre-written, pre-formulated, and pre-scheduled direct text messages are sure to develop those coveted relationships that your campaign needs to win. We understand that it’s hard to connect with everyone on your contact lis, which is why we’ve provided a service that can help you do it all. There’s a reason we’re called SMS connect. It’s because connections are the lifeblood of marketing, and most importantly politics. Using our drip campaign services, there’s no way your team will fail.