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Political Campaign Text Message Features

“Don’t just send a message…

Start a conversation with Political Campaign Text Messages.

Political Campaign Text Messages
live peer-to-peer

Live & Peer-to-Peer

RoboCent agents send, monitor and respond to messages, that way voters can have conversations with real people and connect with your campaign’s message! You will also able to check your dashboard while the campaign is sending to see your open rate, responses and other data from your Political Campaign Text Messages.

American Software and Staff

American Software & Staff

RoboCent was founded and developed right here in the United States. Our staff is a team of natural English-speaking American citizens well equipped to fulfill the needs of your SMS messaging campaign.

High Capacity/Sending Speeds

High Capacity/Sending Speeds

Whether your target market is a small-town district or a statewide voter pool, RoboCent has the tools you need to get in touch with voters. Our high sending capacity and speeds make us the best option for your campaign, no matter the size or context.

Easy-to-Use Dashboard

Easy-to-Use Dashboard

With a user-friendly dashboard and clean interface, RoboCent makes it intuitive to schedule and coordinate your SMS messaging campaigns. Our system even boasts a 94% client satisfaction rate– but we aim to augment that already impressive stat by making constant improvements to our site.

24/7 Support

24/7 Support

We understand that running a campaign is an around-the-clock job, so we’re here to help. Our team is available to answer questions, troubleshoot problems and get your message out 24 hours a day.

Free Trial

Free Trial

We know that there are other text services out there, but we’re willing to let ours speak for itself. RoboCent will offer you and your organization or campaign 500 free texts to demonstrate firsthand the potential in employing our superior SMS connect service.

Free Political Campaign SMS Text Messages

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At RoboCent, we excel in using SMS marketing to create a lasting relationship with your voters. Our RobotCent agents help set our Political SMS Messages apart from the competition to give you greater success and a better return on your investment.