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Contact and Data Tactics

Up to Date Data

We recognize the pertinence of accurate and frequent campaign data. Our voter file partnership enables us to produce new, updated data on a weekly basis, providing you with valuable insights and a fresh perspective that will keep you ahead of the competition.

Through RoboCent, you also have the opportunity to get the most out of the data we provide through storing the results of all SMS Connect campaigns.

Contact and Data Tactics

For example:

SMS Connect Campaign 1 is aimed at a universe of voters in your campaign’s party to determine likely supporters.

  • Group responses are sorted into likely supporters, undecided and negative responders.


SMS Connect Campaign 2 can follow up on the supportive voters you gather.

  • Engage with interested voters by giving them more information about your platform, promote campaign events that are coming up, or ask if they would like a yard sign.


SMS Connect Campaign 3 can follow up on the voters who are undecided and make attempts to nudge them in a positive direction. Using RoboCent to engage with undecided voters can also act as an additional method of collecting feedback for your campaign.

Free Political Campaign SMS Text Messages

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At RoboCent, we excel in using SMS marketing to create a lasting relationship with your voters. Our RobotCent agents help set our Political SMS Messages apart from the competition to give you greater success and a better return on your investment.